Thank you Marilyn for a truly enlightening, inspiring, and fun workshop! I had a wonderful time and would greatly recommend this workshop to anybody who is interested in a adding tasty healthy food to his/her diet…The workshop was beyond my expectations in terms of creativity and flavor… Thank you again and wishing you more success in all your future workshops!!  Nalha (December 2015)

I had a great time at the workshop, Marilyne brings knowledge, passion and good tastes to the table. Even though I had a good background in nutritious eating, I still managed to learn a lot from her workshop which is informative and well priced.
I strongly recommend it Baida  (December 2015)

I like to look for different alternatives in food preparation. I enjoyed this workshop very much. Marilyne put together a very handy booklet full of useful information about the raw food diet, equipment and recipes. I mostly enjoyed the flex seeds crackers and the kale chips. She made raw food preparation simple and easy and it was yummy:)
Thanks Marilyne, will be looking forward for the children and baby food workshop. Cynthia (February 2016)

Thank you so much Marilyne Girault-Defer for this wonderful introduction to eating more raw food. Your recipes were simple, yummy and inspirational. Thanks for helping me to begin my journey into feeling lighter. It’s Day 5 of eating one raw meal a day…feeling lighter and loving it  😊 Nirmala (February 2016)

I throughly enjoyed the Raw food workshop done by Marilyne. The recipes were very easy to make,full of health and freshness. Would love to come back for more such wonderful and simple workshops where we get to learn so much about eating raw food with a yummy taste 😊 Samidha (February 2016)

What a wonderful introduction to raw food cooking! Simple, instructive, personalised and most importantly; tasty!!! Marilyne comfortably took us through the steps of her very well selected own recipes of delicious raw dishes. The session was very dynamic, everything was prepared on the spot and we got to make our own creations. We were provided with a booklet carefully prepared by Maryline, which included facts on raw food, cooking equipment required and the practiced recipes. We even got to take home some samples that Maryline had prepared for us!! Can’t wait for the next one 🙂 Helena (February 2016)

Merci pour ce super atelier! J’ai passé un agréablement moment et vraiment enrichissant. Marilyne fût très à l’écoute . Cet atelier m’a fait découvrir de nouvelles perspectives en terme d’alimentation surtout que je connaissais peu de chose sur le “rawfood”. Des plats colorés , goûteux et savoureux m’ont vraiment bluffés. Hâte de participer à la suite des ateliers pas vraiment envie de m’arrêter en si bon chemin…

Merci Marilyne! Lila (February 2016)

Thank you Marilyne for this this wonderful workshop. The food is very easy to prepare and more importantly very tasty!!! My son and actually even my husband enjoyed the samples i brought home. I look forward to next class. Monika (February 2016)

I had a lot of questions and some fears about raw food, this session answered them all in a most delicious way ! It was exactly the introduction I needed : fun, practical and with a good atmosphere. I loved that we got to take back a booklet and samples for my husband to read and to taste. Two weeks after the workshop, I bought some equipment and wa had our first totally raw meal yesterday. The whole family enjoyed it ! Anne Sophie (February 2016)

I attended the RAW FOOD Workshop a few weeks ago and I fell in love the the recipes. They were so easy and delicious! I found it informative to have a hands on experience with making the recipes right there, along with getting information on how to use the different machines. Marilyne was an excellent host, coach and leader! She made us feel very comfortable and we had great conversation around the table. She sent us home with a little gift package which was fantastic along with an easy to follow recipe book! I look forward to the next workshop! Leah (February 2016)

Wonderful workshop with great ideas for kids snacks and lunch, good way to make the kids eat raw food. Lovely, yummy and quick recipes. Thanks Mariylne for introducing raw food in our lives. Samidha (March 2016)

Once again very enjoyable class full of healthy and yummy food. Especially enjoyed seeing how easy it is to make your own almond milk. Looking forward to the next class!! 🙂 Monika (March 2016)

lovely time, thank you for your smile and very good facilitator of cooking. Redo it ! Jess (June 2016)

Great experience , all we need to eat healthy and Maryline give a ways . The course was very informative. Finally, I learned that it was possible to eat raw and varied. Hanna (June2016)

Dear Marilyne. I’m so happy I have joined one of your workshops. It was very well put together, just enough information, and the booklet you gave us, has been very helpful afterwards. With showing and sharing, and also letting us try some of your recipes, you inspired me to slowly change my way of preparing food. I am more aware of what I eat now. Thank you so much 😘 Unni (June 2016)

Wow, who knew Raw foods could be so delicious y’all  Marilyne Girault-Defer is our local expert here in Abu Dhabi. Attending her workshopyesterday taught me how to prepare these tasty foods..Thanks for the Goody Bag…having it for lunch & snack tomorrow and the next day. Your so generous- and the recipes-OMG…so excited to try all of them…and the conversation within our group of ladies was so helpful…always love meeting like minded new friends 🌟 happy & healthy…You Are What You Eat Joellen Rousse (October 2016)

Thank you so much for a lovely morning. Having had the pleasure of hosting the workshop, I got to see how much hard work and effort you put into the prep for days beforehand which carries through to your interesting and informative delivery of your workshop. You have such passion and dedication for what you do and I’ll definitely be trying to implement some of what you showed me into my eating habits. Thank you lovely lady Ali Mortimer (Januray 2017)

 I really enjoyed it and I’m off to find some nice macadamia nuts, wanted to try the ricotta cheese and make the lasagna as well. Sardz Tabuzo (January 2017)

Thank you Marilyne for all the effort and passion you put into the workshop. Really loved the maki roll and ricotta dip! x Chandni Rogers (January 2017)

Thank you for a wonderful morning! Jasmine Rose (January 2017)

For anyone who’s just ‘thinking’ of going, do it! I thoroughly enjoyed the one I attended and Marilyne is so passionate about what she does, it makes it all the more worthwhile. Try it. Ali Mortimer (February 2017)