About Me

Life is too short to waste it on artificially! That’s my motto, or at least what I aspire to.  I am unperfected, I am busy, I am a mother, I am a wife, I am a woman, I am friend; time is precious but a good life shared with our loved ones is even more precious.  This blog is about my journey towards a healthier lifestyle, my long-standing curiosity for wholesome food and the elusive search for the Holy Grail: a happy, healthy body in a clear mind! My journey is currently taking place in Abu Dhabi, and I want to share the occasional art and food celebrations the city has to offer, maybe it’s an organic market, or an exciting Art show….


I love to learn and experiment with food, and above all, I love to share food with those I love.  As a committed vegetarian – if you want to punish me, ask me to cook a steak– I have recently delved into a melting pot of Raw food, Vegan dishes, but above all, unprocessed and fresh ingredients in the hope to find some tasty recipes gleaned from fellow healthy living passionate people from around the globe.


I hope this blog will be an opportunity to share my kitchen experiments with my friends and family now that I live abroad, but also to share my quest for Art and cultural events, these little occasional organic markets, and places to eat out in my new hometown.  This new adventure may be a great opportunity to connect with new people in the UAE, and maybe participate in some small way in spreading the word about the wholesomeness that is a healthy and creative meal.