Kale & seitan bowl


Healthy weekday dinners can be difficult to come up with, especially when you’re short on time and energy. We need well-rounded, protein, vegetable and nutrient, rich dishes that fill us up after an exhausting day at work. This dish not only provides all those things, it is also gorgeous, an added extra to make your day that much better.


All the components of this dish can be made in advance. During the weekend, when you have some free time, you can make the seitan. It’s a very easy straightforward recipe. Then, marinate the kale and chop the vegetables. Store all these separately in your refrigerator. When you get home after your long day, it’ll take just minutes to assemble and you’ll have a hearty healthy meal ready to eat.


Seitan is an excellent source of protein and a great way to substitute the taste and texture of meat, if you’ve been missing that in your diet. If you’ve never had it before, let me explain. It’s made by mixing wheat gluten with herbs and spices and then cooked in a vegetable broth. The end product is a versatile meat replacement, with a consistency rather eerily like that which it is replacing. It can be sliced or chopped to any form, baked, fried, stir-fried; the options are endless. This recipe is from The Buddhist Chef and is amazing! https://www.thebuddhistchef.com/recipe/seitan/

The marinated kale provides loads of healthy goodness to this dish. Kale is high in iron. It has more iron than beef, per calorie. It is low calorie, high in fiber, filled with antioxidants, high in calcium, and vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K.. That’s a powerful vegetable! We should be eating kale few times per week, that’s for sure. For the kale marinade check the link to my marinated kale salad: https://pumpkinkale.blog/en/2017/10/02/easy-kale-salad-blackstrap-molasses-dressing/

This combination of seitan, marinated kale, peppers, and avocado is sure to fill you up and keep you satisfied.


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